How To Build a Better Business

“How To Build A Better Business—The Easier Way”

Welcome to the very ϐirst issue of our ‘Build A Better Business’ Customer Newsletter. The goal of our monthly newsletter is simple… to help you build a better business. Yes, we’re accountants, but we’re also experts in helping people to grow their businesses.


Pactum successorium – what is it?

If you want to regulate how your affairs are to be dealt with after your death, please make sure you set it out fully in your last will and testament, or a codicil (addendum) thereto.


Personal Income Tax Registration

It is income tax season soon. Your employer will be asking for your income tax number to process your IRP5.
Let us save you travelling cost and the frustration of queuing outside SARS waiting to register.


Did Your Bookkeeper Quit? Here’s What to Do Next

Getting abandoned by your old bookkeeper can leave you feeling frantic and distressed. It’s not like you can put your business on hold while you look for a solution – and as you look, you want to make sure your next bookkeeper is going to be the right fit.


How to Build a Stellar Small Business Team

Small business owners agree that staffing is their number one challenge. It’s not easy building a team that works well together, but it’s very doable if you know what it takes to nurture individuals, keep morale up, and align goals.


How to Set a Budget for Your Small Business

You’d be hard pressed to find a profitable business owner who doesn’t set a budget for their business. It’s a vital part of creating a roadmap for success and an easy way to stay on track financially throughout the year.


How to Build Loyalty Among Clients

You work so hard to get new clients – but once you have them, what’s the secret to keeping them? In what ways do you surprise and delight your clients? How do you exceed expectations?


Good Bookkeeping and How to Recognize It

Whether you’re looking for a new bookkeeper or reevaluating your existing one, you need to know what characteristics to look for to determine the quality and longevity of the potential partnership. What constitutes good bookkeeping?

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